The following is a collection of some of the doziest Dozy Trolls that I’ve come to know.

What awful people.

Three prime Dozies pretending to be real human beings.

This special trio is one that I have to see far too often. On this occasion as I observed their dozy behaviour, I realised that they probably aren’t even real people.

Sometimes dozy trolls try to blend into a human environment. I’m still not convinced that they can. 

In his natural habitat. Dozy rating: 7/10

There are many more dozy trolls, and in time I will post more candid pictures of them in their environment.




Musing constitutes the vast majority of my waking life. So, after a hard week of doing nothing, I feel that I not only deserve a drink, but know I am capable of relaxing and unwinding while having my tipple of choice. I find that a modest drink of some description is a nice way to end my week, helping me to cope with your inferior existence.  


A selection of booze-aholic beverages. Shame about all the people, though.

After a hard week of doing nothing, I feel that I… deserve a drink

My tipple of choice tonight is a shot of Sambuca. Its delicious liquorice taste and aroma, combined with its sheer potency, should surely diminish, if not erase, any of my week’s misfortunes. 

Sometimes I find that people do not know how to deal with their own misfortunes and resort to incessant moaning and groaning. Nobody wants to hear this. These people should resolve their problems in private. Over a wine. 

At the very least, they should contain their discontentment to only a few people – and none of them should be me! However, should they talk to me, a wine would still be appreciated. Actually, if anyone should wish to talk to me, they should probably have access to a large, high quality wine cellar. More on that in another post, however. 

In the meantime, I think you should know how especially pleased I am to be Master over you. 



Loud cat

Patient leaves the asylum

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That is all.

That and it is what prompted this authoritative blog.